- Constituent Colleges

Chapra (Saran) District

Rajendra College, Chapra

Jagdam College, Chapra

Jai Prakash Mahila College, Chapra

Ramjaipal College, Chapra

Ganga Singh College, Chapra

P. C. Vigyan College, Chapra

Jaglal Choudhary College, Chapra

Y. N. College, Dighwara

Nandalal Singh College, Daudpur Jaitpur

P. N. College, Parsa

H. R. College, Amnour

Siwan District


Vidya Bhawan Mahila College

Raja Singh College

R.B.G.R.College, Maharajganj

Narayan College, Goriyakothi

H. R. College, Mairwa

Gopalganj District

Kamla Rai College

Mahendra Mahila College

Gopeshwar College, Hathwa

Bhola Prasad Singh College, Bhore

- Affiliated Colleges

P.R. College, Sonpur, Saran. (Deficit Grant)

Z.A. Islamia College, Siwan. (Deficit Grant and Minority College)

Dr.P.N.Singh Degree College, Chapra

B.D.S.M. Mahila College, Salempur, Chapra

Lok Mahavidyalaya,Hafizpur Baniapur (Saran)

Deoraha Baba Shridhar Das Degree College, Kadna Garkha (Saran)

Daroga Pd.Rai Degree College, Siwan

Mazhrul Haque Degree College, Tarwara (Siwan)

Desh Ratan Rajaendra Prasad Degree College, Ziradai (Siwan)

Shri Mahendra Das Degree College, Mathia Nechua, Jalalpur (Gopalganj)

Mata Rojhni Devi Chhathu Ram Degree College, Mairwa (Siwan)

- Proposed Colleges

Proposed Colleges

Ram Jaipal Mahila College, Chapra

Dr. R. N. Singh Evening College, Chapra

Banaras Singh Degree College, Jalalpur, Saran

Dr. Bhrigu Nath Yadav Degree College, Kachnar, Saran

Basudeo Singh Memorial Degree College, Masrakh, Saran

Sudha Devi Degree College, Tajpur, Manjhi, Saran

Lakshman Janak Degree College, Dighwara, Saran

Co-operative Degree College, Sakaddi Korar, Saran

J. S. Bhardwaj Degree College, Dhobawal, Nagra, Saran

J. K. Degree College, Chapra, Saran

Paras Kaushal Degree College, Chapra

Shrikant Babu Degree College, Kuchaikot, Gopalganj

S. N. Pandey Degree College, Barauli, Gopalganj

Girja Jeetan Degree Mahavidyalaya, Sidhwaliya, Gopalganj

Babu Bhuvneshwar Prasad Degree College, Chapra, Saran

Rajballam-Devendra-Manorma Degree College, Chapra, Saran

Basudeo Singh Memorial Degree College, Mashrak, Saran

R. A. Evening Degree College, Katahribag, Chapra

Dr. Bhushan Prasad Yadav Degree College,Garkha, Saran

Umashankar-Ramjanm Evening College, Gurukul Mehiya, Chapra

Shakti Shanti Degree College, Dighwara, Chapra

Hariharnath Degree Mahavidyalay, Sonpur, Saran

Proposed Professional Colleges

Gorakh Singh B. Ed. College, Maharajganj

Solanki Teachers Training College, Chapra

A. Y. T. Teachers Training College, Guthni, Siwan

Baikunth Teachers Training College, Siwan

S. R. Teachers Training College, Mirganj Gopalganj

Govt. Teacher Training College, Chapra

Mathura Singh Teachers Training College, Khalpura, Saran

Prakash B. Ed. Teacher Training College, Chapra, Saran

Basudeo Singh Memorial B.Ed. College, Mashrak, Saran

Rajendra Kishori B.Ed. College, Bhagwanpur, Siwan

Prestigious colleges

There are altogether 21 constitute colleges and 11 affiliated colleges. University is also scaling with more proposed colleges.

Best Professors

Jai Prakash University has esteemed professors to provide quality education to students in various streams.

Many Courses

University is offering PG, UG , Intermediate and professional courses. There are total 46+ courses to offer to students.

Student Friendly

Our whole ecosystem provides a collaborative approach for any study related help to shape the career of students.

Find Out

more about us

Jai Prakash University is strategically located in  Chapra district to provide quality education to the students of Bihar. With empowering remote area students with our collaborative distance education programs, we are trying to contact the left out part of society as well, thus providing the abstract and complete education environment to all class of students. Our goal is to provide latest, career and research oriented courses to the students.

Colleges and services

Student oriented programs

Professional program

University is providing many professional and vocational courses for career upliftment.

Dedicated Courses

Many of our courses are offered in view of current trends and career oriented streams to provide success to students.

Practical approach

University provides best infrastructure for practical oriented courses as computer, chemistry etc.

Student programs

University is also providing correspondence education for students so that it can reach to remote areas.

Qualifier Professors

University and its colleges has esteemed group of professors with rich experience in different streams.

Support center

With online education, online learning material and fees submission we are trying to provide best of the services.